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20 years later, all thir base r blongs 2 them

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss

Dear Princess Celestia, today i learned that the best way to solve the problems of Changelings is to simply grab something heavy, something that cut things and a glock 17, your trully, Rainbow Dash

PS: Also i killed Queen Chrysalis, so where's my seat for being the princess of Equestria?

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This game is indeed really intense, but if you don't have a powerful laptop/pc, then it ends up lagging, but still, the game is indeed pretty cool and if you wanna make it intense, if you are low in health, play "i will survive" and let's see if you will survive that round

A nice game to pass the time, i like the music and i like how animated it is, it's great!

Is a basic endless horde bear-em-up game (ok, not endless because there is a limit to enemies to defeat, well you get what i am trying to say), is fun and all but if you aren't interested in button mashing then this game isn't for you, apart of that i think the only thing to keep playing the game is to have every character which saddly all play the same, regardless of that, it's a pretty fun game that will make every Evil Dead "Groovy"

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this is just, awesome amazing, the best song in my opinion, good work :)

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Man, can't wait for the kids reboot for Madness Combat!

There is nothing wrong with playing with the pee...as long is yours, everything is fine

Good fuck

Some guy who likes to draw, REALLY loves video games, cartoons, movies, a bit of comics and is into adult stuffs, like furry draws, also hablo espaƱol, asi que tengan buen dia

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