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i never believe an animation with a ending that wholesome would make me tear up (just a little bit, i swear i'm not crying); great job!

the best episode of the let's play series with the best animators in the world, all i can say is simply amazing, great!

while it shows this animation it was made almost 15 years ago, i can simply say that it looks, feels, sounds (because of the music) AND screams PowerPuff Girls, i mean think about it, a flash animated by one person made in the REALLY early 2000's it's WAY 10 times better than a reboot made by a studio with millions of dollars!

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a simple and short (but also though) game that reminds me to hotline miami, still is a fun game!

this game is pretty fun! but also really though, i really love the old graphics style of the game, the sounds are really spot on and so the voice, however one of my problems i have is that the timer start at the very start, i mean as the moment the game start, so the timer does and when i enter at those check in's dosen't count as check points, there is no sort of safe feature so that mean i have to start from the first level again and the map dosen't seem to be in the same style of mario games (you know, finish level and choose the other lever you wanna do), so that's something you should take in mind for an update or the final release of the game, despite that, i still found the game pretty fun

UltimoGames responds:

yes I am planning to make the checkpoint system like Super Mario World. Good points you got there, thanks!

this game is indeed a challange to solve, but once you know how to do it, it feels great, plus the art style and music are great too

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this is just, awesome amazing, the best song in my opinion, good work :)

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looking really good!

looks really great! ^^

Welp, time for get myself a car!


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